To Wear at the Office! Cum sa te imbraci la birou?

Chestii office de purtat de la birou. Sunt cateva idei de haine ce se incadreaza in dress code-ul business.
Pentru ca de revistele si site-urile autohtone m-am saturat, m-am gandit sa ma inspir de pe WWD. Asa ca am dat cu multumirile de rigoare, un copy paste. Iata ce cred strainii despre ce ar trebui si ce nu ar trebui sa purtam la birou:

"Regardless of official policy, or lack thereof, most companies expect a clean, polished look. J.P. Morgan Chase's policy, leaked to WWD by an appropriately clad employee, states that parameters are determined by the employee's line of business and reads as such: "As a general rule, clothing should be neat, clean and pressed. Clothing should not be distracting, tight or revealing, or exceptionally loose or low-cut. Torn or frayed clothes, denim, sweat suits, beachwear, beach-style shoes, slippers, shorts, halters, tank tops, crop tops and hats or caps are inappropriate for the workplace. In addition, clothing that bears profane or offensive words or logos is strictly prohibited."

Satisfied? Poate doar daca va uitati si pe niste poze!

Sursa foto: Women's Wear Daily